The wine drums and barrels are handcrafted from the highest grade Type 304 Stainless Steel with a 2-B (Food Grade) Finish, providing a clean, sanitary hygienic appearance.  They are portable and reusable, and easy to clean and maintain for virtual infinite reuse.


Drums and barrels are available in 30 and 55 gallon capacities (see dimensions on product page) and come in Tighthead or Openhead configurations, and will fit in most standard wine barrel racks.

Closures are available in 2 and National Pipe Thread (NPT), which can be positioned on the side, top or both to best fit your requirements.  A typical wine drum set-up can be either one 2 NPT fitting in the center side for horizontal application and/or a 3/4 NPT fitting in the head diametrically opposite for a spigot or for draining during the washing process.


All fittings are mechanically inserted, not welded, and have neoprene gasketing on the plugs and screw caps and anywhere else where product may come in contact (see rings and plugs page).  Plugs are standard industry issue and easily replaceable.  An option to the plug fitting is a Tri-Clover Adaptor, which can be ordered as an accessory upon request.

Standard 2" Plug


Optional 2" Tri-Clover Adapter

MSM, Milford, CT