Unparalled versatility for shipping or storage of sophisticated products


Stainless Steel Containers

MSM has developed drums with unparalleled versatility for shipping and storage of sophisticated products that are sensitive, proprietary, and require protection from contamination and degradation. 


Plus, the drums perform very well in situations where corrosive conditions exist, whether it is external or internal.


These containers have served especially well in the Flavors and Fragrance, Chemical, Beverage and Wine Industries for three decades.


MSM drums are manufactured out of high grade, Type 304 Stainless Steel, with 2-B Food Grade finish.




We perform  our own critical in-house inspection on each and every drum - verifying with the appropriate air pressure, that our drums are completely sealed and leak-proof - eliminating the risk of failure when out in the field or in your plant. All tests are carried out by members of our certified, quality control staff - ensuring that no flaw goes unnoticed.


Drums which are used to ship regulated, or hazardous materials are periodically tested by a third party, UN approved laboratory.




Corrosion Resistance

- Resistant to a wide variety of products.


- Use of type 304 stainless steel with 2-B food grade finish assures clean and attractive appearance for the entire life of the container.

Strength & Durability

- Considerably greater than carbon steel, plastics and other materials.


- Standard configuration eliminates use of special material handling equipment. Lighter weight makes handling much easier, convenient and safer than heavier stainless drums.


- Easily cleaned with water and mild detergents.


- Continuous recycling when used as a shipping drum or unlimited use as a storage container.  In addition, if scrapped, stainless steel has the highest return value versus substitute products.


MSM, Milford, CT